Jewelry Photo Editing Service by Mothas Studio
Jewelry Photo Editing Service by Mothas Studio

Professional Jewelry Photo Editing Service

Do you want to make your jewellery look better?Do you want to get rid of those pesky reflections and make it look like the Jewelry is actually on the model's body?Do you want to make sure that all of your Jewelry photos are consistent, even if they were taken by different people?

If so, then Mothas Studio is here to help! We understand how important it is for photographers and designers to have consistently high-quality images of their products. That's why we offer a professional jewellery editing and retouching service that will take your product pictures from good to great.


Jewelleries Edited To Perfection:

Call Mothas Studio today if you are looking for a jewellery editing quote that is comprehensive and affordable.

We are a professional jewellery editing and retouching service. We can edit your jewellery photos to make them look more appealing and professional. Our jewellery editing services includes the following:

  • Colour correction of your jewellery photos
  • Removal of unwanted glare, noise, or dirt on the jewellery
  • Cropping of images to increase the impact of your jewellery images
  • Adjustment of colour temperature, contrast/brightness levels, and saturation as per client's requirement.

Our jewellery retouchers will enhance the design of your pieces and make your gemstones shine. We can retouch photos for e-commerce websites, catalogues, magazines and other purposes. We make sure that every piece of jewellery is photographed and edited to perfection, whether it be a simple pair of diamond studs or an intricate silver rivière necklace.

We can create anything from ring shots to full product catalogues and everything in between. Our team is made up of designers who have worked on projects ranging from bridal jewellery shoots to fashion accessory catalogues so whatever your project is we can handle it.

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