Image Multi Path Service by Mothas Studio
Image Multi Path Service by Mothas Studio

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Raw photographs of jewelry captured on high-definition cameras don't look visually appealing, and can't capture the interest of the audience. These images require special enhancements that can be achieved with multipath editing. The multipath editing tool allows you to select multiple objects in an image and enhance them so that they appear more attractive. When performing multipath editing, targeted jewelry is selected and enhanced so that it looks beautiful.

If you're looking for high-quality Image Multi Path service, Mothas Studio has you covered. We offer the best multiple clipping path &color clipping path services with all associatedphoto editing services.


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Mothas Studio is a pioneering company in the photo editing industry, offering a wide range of Multi path clipping services. We have a team of expert image editors, who use advanced image editing programs and have an in-depth knowledge of all the tools used in image editing. Our editors are passionate and committed to delivering highest quality work within the shortest turnaround time.

Multi-path editing is used to eliminate the distracting background of the image, so that the object in focus stands out. This editing process removes the disturbing background without altering the focal point of the jewelry. Once the background has been removed, other detail of the image can be enhanced by performing technical edits like color adjustment, blemish removal, adding reflection and shadow to add depth, sharpening and more.

Our image editors can edit your images for you to make them more vibrant and professional for printed advertising platforms, such as posters and brochures. Our image editors extract the image of the jewelry and mask the undesirable parts of the photo to make it look more relevant & professional.

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